Pricing / Ordering for Stendig Calendars

  1.     The price of our calendars includes shipping within the Continental United States (ConUS).

  2.     One (1) Calendar  -  $42.00 within the ConUS.

  3.     Two (2) Calendars  -  $76.00 within the ConUS.

  4.      Three (3) Calendars  -  $110.00 within the ConUS.

To purchase by credit card using secure PayPal,

select the number of calendars you would like to purchase,

then click the “Buy Now” button.

  1.       If you would like to order more than three calendars or....

  2.       If you would like to have calendars shipped outside the ConUS, please call 615.353.2933.


The only calendar in the Design Collection of the

Museum of Modern Art